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Oil stains, cracks, and imperfections are the marks of age on any typical grey garage floor. Today there are excellent options to not only beautify this space but make it more durable at the same time.

We offer garage floor painting services for home or business. We do commercial projects as well as residential and the options for surface style can surprise you.

Textures and patterns can mimic many popular construction materials like tile, stone or brick. Color can be matched and dynamically integrated with your ideas.

Few floors get as much wear and tear as the garage, and if you notice damage starting to develop, we have techniques that can halt that damage. Floor painting options can not only restore the damage but add value and keep your property looking fantastic.

Epoxy systems offer tough, durable finishes when applied to garage surfaces. These surfaces resist impact damage, chemicals, and the usual oils and grease that come with daily vehicle occupancy.

Did you know that the dust always found in garages in part comes from the actual flooring breaking down? Cement floors powder and crack over time. We coat this surface, both preserving it and helping to cut down on dust tracked in and out of the area.

Acid staining is another method of resurfacing. Vibrant color options are available, and it will not peel or crack. Concrete staining can give you the mottled look of natural stone.  It produces a natural looking, translucent color that varies depending on the initial color and age of the concrete.

We have professional equipment to prep the surface and apply your chosen coating. Come see us today to discuss what we can do to make this space one you can touch up with no regrets today.

Give Ellis County and Grayson County’s best painter a call today,  817-986-9645.

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